Mississippi Mediation Moment is a collaboration between Laurel Kaufer, a professional mediator in Calabasas California, and Lydia Quarles, who is a private mediator in Mississippi.  You can visit Laurel’s website at http://www.kaufermediation.com and Lydia’s at http://www.wpf-adr.com.  Laurel and Lydia met when Laurel visited Mississippi after Katrina in order to provide community mediation and healing for those suffering so tragically after Katrina’s wake.

To learn more about Laurel, please visit http://kaufermediation.com/resume.html.

Mediation Moment is Laurel’s vision.  Created for her California clients, she and Lydia thought a similar vehicle would be beneficial for Mississippi. Much of the information that will follow will be Laurel’s.  Occasionally Lydia will chime in.  We hope that you will enjoy these moments — Mississippi Mediation Moments.